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pdf Assets Freeze: Explanation of Terms Popular

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EoT Assets freeze - (English).pdf

pdf Resolution on Access to Small Arms and Light Weapons Popular

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resolution un - on access to small arms and light weapons.pdf

pdf Resolution on Aviation Security Popular

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resolution un - on aviation security.pdf

pdf Resolution on Countering the Terrorist Narrative Popular

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resolution un - on countering the terrorist narrative.pdf

pdf Resolution on Foreign Terrorist Fighters Popular

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resolution un - On foreign terrorist fighters.pdf

pdf Resolution on Human Trafficking Popular

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resolution un - on human trafficking.pdf

pdf Resolution on International Law Enforcement and Judicial Cooperation Popular

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resolution un - on international law enforcement and judicial cooperation.pdf

pdf Resolution on Links between Terrorism Financing and Organized Crime Popular

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resolution un - on links between terrorism financing and organized crime.pdf

pdf Resolution on Protection of Critical Infrastructure and Soft Targets Popular

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resolution un - on protection of critical infrastructure and soft targets.pdf

pdf Resolution on Returnees and Relocators Popular

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resolution un - on returnees and relocators.pdf

pdf Resolution on Sexual Violence in Conflict Popular

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resolution un - on sexual violence in conflict.pdf

pdf Resolution on Tafficking in Persons Popular

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resolution un - on trafficking in persons.pdf

pdf Resolution on Terrorism Financing Popular

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resolution un - on terrorism financing.pdf

pdf Resolution on Women, Peace and Security Popular

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resolution un - On women, peace and security.pdf